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The Frolic #1, page 18

Usually I'm rather reluctant to comment on whatever I draw, since, well, it feels awkward, and secondly - I figure the final result should defend itself and whatever a reader gets out of it, the reader gets out of it. And if it's not consistent with what I intended, then it's on me. But since I still consider myself a total newbie (a phrase I will repeat probably till the day I fucking die) and also since if EVER this book gets printed, the page WON'T include the comment, I will allow myself to point a few things out.

So for the past few pages I've been struggling a lot with drawing facial expressions. You perhaps notice that the amount of dialogue on each page is not as
great as in the case of usual comic books. In other books I often see single panels with the characters going back and forth with tons of dialogue and - as it's a single panel - with only one expression each, while there is lots of wasted potential, since in real life it's rather impossible for characters to maitain an identical look for the entirety of the exchange. Now, I'm not going into the detail regarding the reasoning behind creators' decision - whether it's laziness of the artist or pressure to fit into a fixed number of pages, when there's a disproportion between the written dialogue and the planned volume of the issue.

What I do like is - no matter how cheesy this souns - when a story has room to breathe. I remember reading an issue of Lazarus (by Greg Rucka nad Michael Lark) featuring an exchange between Forever Carlyle and Joacquim Morray with the two charactes just chilling on the porch, including a few silent panels. One could argue that they were redundant or that Michael Lark could go quick and easy by copypasting the panels, yet he (or Rucka, perhaps) decided to extend the exchange in order to show the actual silence between certain parts of the dialogue and to impose the general chill feeling of the scene (including a silent panel showing the eating of a watermelon and a silent panel showing the characters staring into the sunset). I'm all for it. If it means that the storyarc will extend from four issues to six issues, then so be it.

So for this particular page (and a few previous ones as well) I went for an especially slow pace in order to better indicate characters' emotions. I want to paint Frolik in a very specific way. Page after page I wish to unravel additional features of his personality. When Frolik asks Dragan if he knows what the motivation behind catching the killer might be, the answer should be painfully obvious - because he KILLS people! Because catching killers is what a cop does! "Why the fuck would you even ask this?", Dragan thinks in the third panel. And after hearing the response, that - according to Frolik - Lynn's motivation is not "doing the right thing" - instead it's "not becoming the next victim", he realizes he's talking to a person applying an abnormal line of thinking, the thinking of a sociopath. How would I express Dragan's reaction other than trying to draw a face full of anxiety, disbelief and disappointment? Should I add a "sigh"? This word has become a meme. So I decided not to add anything. Let the faces speak for themselves. I'm trying to apply the philosophy that once readers find something themselves (rather than being shown directly), they will believe it more firmly. I suppose I'm risking that the reader will simply skim over the pictures, not trying to look into the characters' emotions, but hey, I think I'm doing the step in the right direction.

Thanks to everyone who got through this wall of text. If this is any consolation, on the following page a mood will change a bit. To put it shortly I'll say - Next: BOOBS!
So it looks like drawing at the actual desk is much easier compared to drawing while lounging around on your couch with the tablet on your lap. Who would have thought?
Through lectures and research, through life and through love, I am struggling to secure some hours for drawing. The rate at which I upload pages happened to get better, but it's still far from once a week which would seem acceptable. Unfortunately I didn't manage to finish page 17 today, even though I was kind of close - all that was left was coloring of the last two panels. Now I'm headed towards the mountains where I'll spend the next week which implies an additional delay. Luckily I have a feeling that I'm on a right track and once I get back the rate will get better still.
To quote the poet, be seeing you!


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