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The Frolic #1, page 07 :iconsapromind:sapromind 5 0 The Frolic #1, page 06 :iconsapromind:sapromind 4 0 The Frolic #1, page 05 :iconsapromind:sapromind 2 0 The Frolic #1, page 04 :iconsapromind:sapromind 3 0 The Frolic #1, page 03 :iconsapromind:sapromind 5 1 The Frolic #1, page 02 :iconsapromind:sapromind 1 0 The Frolic #1, page 01 :iconsapromind:sapromind 1 0
The Gloom Inside
I saw the drawings through the glass
And watched how precious moments pass
To see the care appear no more
To see her pen fall on the floor
Down the streets she's walking miles
And sees there fake and worthless smiles
A tall, blank wall is being built
To hide from pain and drown in guilt
She carries out a pointless scheme
Illusion of a fulfilled dream
And wraps the wounds with pleasant lies
The flesh revels, the inside cries
She fills the cracking in the wall
And wonders if she hears the call
But all suspicions are denied
Blinded eyes look terrified
Life disdain throughout the night
The blackest views, the blackest sight
I tried to light the spark back then
Now I don't think I can
Listen again
But is the blackest part.. the heart?
And was it ruptured from the start
I look at this forgotten pen
Now say I can
Listen again
It's ok to run away
Never looking behind saves nerves
And spoiled blood
It's understandable to solve the problems the easiest way
But the feelings of the lack of sens
:iconsapromind:sapromind 5 1
It's cold in the room tonight
So cold with no hint of light
The curse of a broken thought
Appears to be finally brought
I'm giving in bit by bit
I learned I am used to it
And after ideals demise
Never at all surprised
It drives me to inner wars
It drives me to streams of words
A drop in an endless sea
The stirring of what must be
But after the final bout
It's fine when the fire's out
But answers I do not know
What to do
Where to go
Wait until blue drops fall
Wait and regain control
And finally am I alive?
And finally the lights arrive
Wait for the good to leave
Wait like a coward thief
And how I must flee this long
It's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong
If only there was a way
If only I found a trace
I'd grovel out of the pit
I'd connect the parts that split
The difference between it all
The top and the deepest hole
Is larger than it had proved
It's funny how nothing moved
Wait until there's no threat
Wait 'till you can forget
Starting the time called peace
I'm free as I got release
Free s
:iconsapromind:sapromind 1 0
Festerheart, pt. II
Where have we been all these years
Long time after all goodbyes
Were we plugging our ears
Or just blindfolding curious eyes?
Some of us, well, wouldn't wait
Others struggled with their youth
Paths would finally separate
No one knew the simple truth
But we try
Before we leave
Pour remedy from her veins
In the healing
I don't believe
And only silence remains
Days were filled with blood and slime
Soothing figure now descends
And carves her way here one more time
To save the life that almost ends
She brings some long needed ease
But years are different, years have gone
Never will the mind find peace
Never know the simple dawn
We won't try
Before we leave
Won't get rid of these chains
Simple dawn
I won't believe
And only silence remains
:iconsapromind:sapromind 0 0
Solitude :iconsapromind:sapromind 0 0
Lice Feeder
And as the sun drew to its end
I watch its shape beneath the bend
I didn't welcome this cruel change
It made the hopings rearrange
What used to matter
What was the core
Is turned to laughter
Or just ignored
I have a target
Sign on my back
By the attack
Since you're becoming what you eat
Hunters become the hunted meat
I try to dodge the line of sight
And hide in spots out of the light
I happen to ignite a match
My head sustains a tiny scratch
A thousand thoughts begin to leak
Into the flame they fall with shriek
And as the vision's getting stale
I pierce my eyes with crooked nail
And finally will I see the key
And finally it's astounding me:
I see five children play with snow
I see it come, the fatal blow
My head cracks open, hear a scrunch
The saprophages come by to lunch
So many targets
Inside the head
Nothing is wasted
Urges are fed
"You will not find me
Won't see my face
Learn the acceptance
And know your place"
And as the water fills my lungs
I am in grasp of seven tong
:iconsapromind:sapromind 2 0
The first I heard was the hissing of 'Trains'
Then the trembling appeared and imploded in brains
The movement of hand brought out glimmering mist
And the words that I heard - "indeed I exist"
I stand at the seaside
The music I hear
It makes all my questions
And doubts reappear
I've tasted the water
But still I don't know
How does it feel to
Be gone with the flow
Remember the snow getting straight to your eye
While the searching of shadow in the city at night
It was somewhere in there for you to be found
But it travelled unseen and uttered no sound
I wait for the message
But nothing arrives
It always approaches
A being that tries
So now I attempted
The hardest I could
I find me surrounded
By figures of wood
How come I should leave now
And why must it end?
I'm told to let go but
I cannot pretend
Cause even when broken
How grateful I get
For minutes of caring
I'll never forget
I look far above me
And deeply I sigh
A war that's inside me
Calms down in the sky
I've tried many options
:iconsapromind:sapromind 1 2
The World Shaped by Time :iconsapromind:sapromind 0 0
I am 'bout to stick this blade into my wrist
So I won't feel the need of the pounding of my fist
The story is now long and gone, forgotten probably
But who is here to judge - obviously not me
I'm talking here of ride into depths of my mind
A ride through the place not hard for you to find
Rats and spiders are now creatures from above
A ride down the drain, to the tunnel of love
Expectations of the price to pay
Expectations of a scary day
But the smile was lovely and the eyes were black
A straw that broke the camel's back
Driven by the image
Moths are moving blindly
"You won't reach your target"
Sense is speaking kindly
Their vision is indistinct
Wings becoming tattered
The courage that they're given
Will lead them to the gutter

What... is this...
That follows me
Wait...! It's his...
Deceitful grin
The axe? hand
I will be gone
His wounds... would mend
But there were none
What's our
Of joy
Of pain
Of pride
Of shame
And thing you used t
:iconsapromind:sapromind 1 4
Clock Factory
How I got into this place?
Bitterness and endless smother
Anomalies within time base
And these people - they touch each other
How I got into this place?
Was there reason for exile
Misdirected into this space
Where the ticking is so vile
They've crushed every wave
Been told to behave
So far I am safe

Is there a way that gets me out?
Or a glimmer of solution
Grinding cogs it's all about
The only obvious is conclusion
They've sucked every life
Bees burned in the hive
Conclusions arrive

How I got into this place?
Needles piercing, indicating
I am a smudge in these bright days
Only staring, only waiting
:iconsapromind:sapromind 0 1



The Frolic #1, page 07
So, uh... took me a while, eh? I was tabletless for a few weeks as my brother requested his tablet back (that's correct, I was working on a borrowed one for a year and a half). Lately I did my manage to buy my own beauty, though. It also meant moving from Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint and this piece which you see above is a blend of the two, as I started it before the transition.
The Frolic #1, page 06
My cluelessness regarding backgrounds on the lower part of the page causes physical pain, I know.
It's been almost two months since the academic year began and the dust settled a bit. My research and lecturing duties still prevail but I'm learning how to find a solid hour or two each day to draw. In a few days -- I hope -- I'll add the sixth page of The Frolic #1 where I'm strongly experimenting with the paint job. To add a less cartoonish feeling to the colors I decided to drastically reduce the opacity of the brush. It turned out to be a bit of a pain every now and then but the results seem interesting. Nonetheless, it means that the style of the book will be very inconsistent, but who cares really, right?

Besides that, I've spent much of the time in the past few weeks rediscovering a few albums. Just yesterday I got reminded that I'm really digging some of the Metallica tunes as well as the album White1 by Sunn O))). However, those last weeks were absolutely dominated by Seventeen Seconds by The Cure, an album I had never really appreciated too much, besides one or two songs. Now I am, I dunno, FUCKING HYPNOTIZED, and to make matters worse, BY EACH SONG. The epitome of this record, A Forest, is so ridiculously atmospheric, so perfectly tailored, every note is so freakishly tasty, I don't know, I can't remember when was the last time I'd been so overwhelmed by a supposedly simple song... and one that I had already known well.
  • Listening to: Tuesday's Gone
  • Reading: Monstress
The Frolic #1, page 04
It won't be too much of a spoiler if I explain that Last Call is supposed to be the name of a pub. I came up with this name a long time ago and thought it was pretty witty, only to realize later that there are lots and lots of places called like that.


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